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What is TOEIC®?

The most common test is the TOEIC® L&R: this standardized test measures listening and reading skills needed in the workplace. It is a paper-and-pencil test, with a 200 multiple-choice assessment. The TOEIC® S&W (speaking and writing), combined to the L&R test, is a reliable measurement of all 4 English language communication skills. It is a computer-based test (iBT).

TOEIC structure clock 2h. 30min.

clock 45 MIN. Listening
FORMAT: 100 Questions

Part 1: Photographs

Part 2: Question-Response

Part 3: Conversations

Part 4: Short Talks

clock 75 MIN. Reading
FORMAT: 100 Questions

Part 5: Incomplete Sentences

Part 6: Error Recognition or Text Completion

Part 7: Reading Comprehension

clock +/- 20 MIN. Speaking
FORMAT: 11 Questions

Read a text aloud

Describe a picture

Respond to questions

Propose a solution

Express an opinion

clock +/- 60 MIN. Writing
FORMAT: 8 Questions

Write a sentence based on a picture

Respond to a written request

Write an opinion essay

TOEIC Scoring

TOEIC® L&R overall score: 10-990

Listening section: 5-495

Reading section: 5-495

TOEIC® S&W overall score: 0-400

Speaking section: 0-200

Writing section: 0-200

Registration to the TOEIC Test

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Our unique method

A comprehensive approach

We design a TOEIC preparation program that matches your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. You will learn how to approach the exam confidently, and then apply these techniques to practice questions, inside and outside of class.


You can easily access our TOEIC group classes along with a large range of schedules (on evenings, weekends, and holidays). Our TOEIC private lessons are tailored to your time constraints, and we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are not able to come to one of our centers, do not be concerned as we also provide our courses and expertise online.

High qualification TOEIC

Our instructors & coaches are graduated from top universities. They have all scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the TOEIC test, and they are also recognized as experts in teaching. They will help you reach your highest score potential, and you will leave confident and prepared.


Our unique method will allow you to acknowledge how you can be able to succeed on the TOEIC® exam. SIGHT Test Prep will help you learn to think like the test-maker, gaining insight into ways that the TOEIC® test will set traps and obscure concepts to show you a difficult exam.

TOEIC Group classes

Our group classes are dedicated to your success:
  • Unique Methodology
  • High-qualified instructors
  • Small groups (15 students maximum)
  • Various schedules available
  • Complete study material included (book, tests…)
  • SIGHT Test Prep Guarantee

TOEIC® Prep Classic 12h

Our convenient weekend preparation
  • 12 Hours TOEIC Live Class
  • Classroom Based Tuition
  • All Study Materials Included
  • English Natives & TOEIC Experts
Option Classic +: 3 hours TOEIC Private Tutoring
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Evening, Weekend, Express & Immersion Group Classes Available in: Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne

Private tutoring TOEIC

Private Tutoring is available in-person at our centers and online anywhere worldwide. We provide you with the most efficient and flexible option. This TOEIC® Preparation is perfect for candidates:
  • with time constraints
  • who need to focus on specific weaknesses
  • who prefer to have a one-to-one relationship with our instructor
  • who have previously taken the TOEIC®, and would like to improve her/his score

TOEIC® In Person

Your tailored preparation  
  • Customized Study Plan
  • All Kaplan TOEIC Resources Included
  • Package 10h (minimum)
  • Monday to Sunday
  • In our Center or your Home
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Available in: Paris

TOEIC E-learning

SIGHT Test Prep provides you with the best GMAT® online courses and study materials available

TOEIC® Practice Test

  • 4 Full-length TOEIC Practice Tests
49 €
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Available 24/7