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What is Coaching

The university admissions process (both for undergraduate and graduate programs) differs by country, institution, and program. It is a demanding and complex process, and we are preparing you to distinguish yourself with a coherent and comprehensive strategy to emphasize your credentials, accomplishments, and motivation.
Academic background
We have a strict policy of hiring only graduates from top North American and European universities. A number of the current graduates we hire are from INSEAD, Harvard, and London Business School.
Cultural sensitivity
We are well aware of the difficulties that applicants from non-English speaking countries may encounter in the application and admission process, however, we are well-equipped to tackle these difficulties to achieve the best possible results.
Results oriented
More than half of our clients are directly referred by past clients. We guarantee that you will receive all the attention you need and that we will be dedicated to your success.
A successful complete approach
When a school reviews your application, they are going to look at a lot more than just your essays. Each of the required elements play a critical role in making your application getting you accepted, and maybe even scholarship. We make sure that your entire application is perfectly taken care of, and we work closely with you each step of the way.
What you will receive with our comprehensive admission services:
  • A Profile evaluation, to discuss your objectives and concerns, and to identify your strong and weak points
  • A Program selection based on your professional background and personal ambition
  • An exclusive Application strategy tailored to your selected schools
  • The best way to market yourself in your Applications
  • Innovative ideas for your Essays, and a rigorous editing
  • A complete training for the admissions Interview, to give you confidence & anticipate any questions
Admission coaching road to success :

Profile evaluation

This first step is mandatory and will serve as the foundation of our collaboration. It will start as an informal discussion based on your CV/résumé, your career goals, academic aspirations and your chances of attending a top program. Based on this discussion (over a phone call or a one to one meeting), we will give our most professional and honest feedback and determine the next steps.

Strategic plan

Many applicants limit their chances of getting admitted by failing to meet deadlines or rushing to put a file together at the last minute. We will show you how to set up a timetable to juggle between your application, professional & personal life, and to ensure that everything is finished on time. Time management is also one of the keys to a successful application.
School selection
Then we will start selecting a first list of schools that best fit your needs. We will narrow down this list to finally apply to 3 to 5 schools depending on your academic background, career goals & GMAT® score.
It is vital to understand that every top-tier business school has a unique culture and specific expectations for applicants. After you understand the way your file will be assessed, we will work with you to position yourself in an appealing way to each program. This positioning will be the core of the strategy and will need to be developed in every element (CV, letters, interviews…) of your applications.
Approximate length: 2 hours

CV / Resume

Through the CV, essays, and recommendation letters, we will need to provide to the Admission Director all the elements he/she needs to understand to know who you are, how you will be a good recruit, and how you will make a great alumnus. Your CV will need to reflect the most appealing profile of yourself while meeting the expectations of the recruiter. For example, often we have to simplify your CV in order to give a clear understanding of your professional accomplishments. Approximate length: 1 hour


The admissions essay is an essential part of the application because it is through this essay that applicants can speak directly to the board or the Admission committee, and demonstrate their unique abilities that will be appropriate for the program. However, applicants cannot fully appreciate that culture by simply exploring the school’s website. We will provide you all our inside expertise and knowledge in order to prove to the MBA admissions committee that you understand their culture and explain why you are a perfect fit. The essays will need to reflect the positioning we have chosen for a given program but also avoid clichés. This phase is typically split in 2 stages: Essay Development & Essay editing. Once the content of the essays has been validated and convey the right message, they will be edited and reviewed (We will be sending essays back and forth between meetings). Approximate length: 3 to 8 hours (per essay)

Letter of recommendation

Keep in mind that business schools, colleges and universities would like to learn more about you as a person. Most candidates drastically underestimate this part. They think that a good letter from a valuable reference person will make the trick; this could not be further from the truth. First we will select with you the right recommenders, draft outlines for them and manage the entire process to ensure that your references are supporting your “profile positioning” and adding useful third-party information. Recommendations are a crucial part of your file and must work in concert with the rest of your application. Approximate length: 1-2 hours

Application form

Our in-depth approach to editing your application includes ensuing that the key points have been covered, checking for spelling and grammatical errors and suggesting areas of improvement. Approximate length: 1 hour

Interview preparation

The interview serves as a critical aspect of the admissions process. You have to convince the Admissions committee or their representatives about your candidacy. We will first discuss the logistics of the different types of interviews (resume-based interview with an alumnus, interview with an admissions director… ), how they are conducted, and what you need to know. We will work with you to develop your interview skills, develop a winning mindset, as well as ensure that you understand the “do and don’ts”. Through the simulated interview we will work on your strengths and weaknesses and give you direction on answering the tough questions that are covered in real interviews. Approximate length: 3 hours  

Scholarships / Waitlist support

We provide assistance by helping you apply to a number of scholarships in order to reduce your tuition fees. First we will discuss the specific requirements for these scholarships, and then we will move on writing with you structured essays, in order for the school to see that you are the most eligible candidate to receive scholarship funds.
These waitlists are being used quite often by universities to bide time with borderline applications in order to visualize how the later rounds will look like. We offer a unique service where we give expert advices to students who wish to identify how they can be able to manage the waitlist in order to be accepted. To do this, we evaluate your application and essays before we move on to the strategies that we will recommend. Our experts also help you draft letters to admission committee members to highlight your continued motivation and interest for that school in a way that helps you stand out from the competition.
Approximate length: 1-2 hours