Kaplan Study Materials

study-material_course-bookKaplan Course Book

This contains the lessons and homework that will be taught and reviewed in each of the classroom sessions.

study-material_online-resourcesOnline Ressources

Our online study center will provide practice tests, quizzes, instructional videos, flashcards, and tailored feedback on your progress.

study-material_practice-testsPractice Questions

Get access to practice questions. These realistice questions will help you discover your strenghts and weaknesses and pinpoint the best way to focus the study times remaining before exam day.

study-material_pocket-referencePractice Tests

Test you with full-length practice tests, both with access to our comprehensive Smart Reports™. The Preactice Exams are the ideal way of preparing to be at peak performance on the exam day.

study-material_practice-questionsKaplan Apps

Access your online ressources from any of your mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Take quizzes, watch video lessons, take full-length practice tests, and review Smart Reports. It’s now easier than ever to get a great scire.